Allen B. MacKenzie

Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in my research, in Wireless @ Virginia Tech, and in Virginia Tech. Due to the volume of email I receive, I typically no longer reply to emails from prospective graduate students. I will correspond with students who have been admitted to our program who are interested in working with me. Below is some general information regarding joining my research group.

I typically recruit 1 or 2 new students a year, depending on anticipated funding availability. Sometimes, students are recruited directly from our graduate applicant pool, sometimes from admitted students, and sometimes from students already at VT doing Bachelors or Masters degrees.

Typically, I recruit students with a good record from a reputable American university or a top international university. Most students that I recruit have strong letters of recommendation from faculty describing their drive, initiative, and writing ability with specific examples.

I seek Ph.D. students with a demonstrated aptitude for fundamental research and a drive to be a leading researcher or professor in our field. Potential M.S. students must possess a desire to participate fully in the research process, including the publication of results.

After you are admitted, if you email me, please send a resume and indicate why you are contacting me in particular and why you think we are a good fit.