Allen B. MacKenzie

Summer Happenings

A better-late-than-never update from Summer 2010.

Several members of the group visited other places this summer:

  • Uchenna Anyanwu spent the summer working with Luiz DaSilva and Linda Doyle at CTVR in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.  He worked on the implementation of medium access control in the IRIS software radio platform.
  • Amr Hilal had a summer internship with Google.
  • Ryan Irwin had a summer internship with Raytheon/BBN Technologies.
  • Yongsheng Shi had a summer internship with Qualcomm.

In addition, we have several visitors to our group in Blacksburg this summer:

And, we have one new group member that joined this summer:

  • Frank Bieberly  has been working on heterogeneous computing in GNU Radio, using the DSP on a Beagle Board.  Frank earned his B.S. from Northwestern University and then spent five years in the US Navy.

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